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Hello my name is Steve Lam and this is my portfolio. I’m a freelance web designer based in Toronto, ON Canada. I love cats, playing music, valid css/xhtml and generally all things music and design related. My aim is to work with indie artists, musicians and small businesses in achieving frenetic designs while adhering to today’s web standards.

For those who are curious, as an open-source advocate my favourite content management system (cms) is Textpattern!

That’s it. Feel free to contact me for a quote, creative brief, whatever.



textpattern admin themes

31 May 2009

I started this thread over two years ago on the TXP forums linking a lot of nice admin themes. I’ve been out of the Textpattern loop for a long time (my personal blog is now running wordpress) but I hear they’re looking for an ‘official’ admin theme now. Finally! Either way, these may tie you over until they find a suitable one to replace the current mess the backend looks like right now :)

My personal fave has always been the textpattern admin theme by smalltransport:

small transport a

Many more are available here.

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