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Hello my name is Steve Lam and this is my portfolio. I’m a freelance web designer based in Toronto, ON Canada. I love cats, playing music, valid css/xhtml and generally all things music and design related. My aim is to work with indie artists, musicians and small businesses in achieving frenetic designs while adhering to today’s web standards.

For those who are curious, as an open-source advocate my favourite content management system (cms) is Textpattern!

That’s it. Feel free to contact me for a quote, creative brief, whatever.



textpattern syntax highlighting with editarea

16 August 2009

Although it’s probably smarter to work on your textpattern site via an external editor, I’m used to doing quick edits within the admin area using EditArea. This is what it looks like to me (click to enlarge):

In order to achieve this, download EditArea and upload the ‘/edit_area’ to the root directory of your textpattern site. Now install hakjoon’s hak_editarea plugin from here and install it like any other textpattern plugin. If you leave it like that, you will get syntax highlighting for html and css within textpatterns admin editing areas. Txp tags are not differentiated.

Here comes my little hack. First, download txp.js. Rename it to ‘html.js’. Go into your /editarea/reg_syntax/ directory on your server. Back up the ‘html.js’ file thats already there, and replace it with the one you just downloaded and renamed.

If all went well. you should now see something similar to the screenshot above.

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